Our bonds

Issuer Listing Date Issued  Maturity Date Currency Size (MM) Coupon
MIC S.A. (Sustainability Bond) Nasdaq Stockholm May-19 May-24 SEK 2,000 Floating
MIC S.A. Luxembourg Oct-18 Oct-26 USD 500 6.625%
Telecel (Paraguay) Luxembourg Apr-19 Apr-27 USD 550 5.875%
MIC S.A. Luxembourg Sep-17 Jan-28 USD 500 5.125%
MIC S.A. Luxembourg Mar-19 Mar-29 USD 750 6.250%
Cable Onda (Panama) Luxembourg Oct-19 Jan-30 USD 600 4.500%
MIC S.A Luxembourg Oct-20 Apr-31 USD 500 4.500%


Offering Memorandums and financial reporting information are available on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange website or through the Trustees for each security.