A message to our Millicom | TIGO Community

As we face  unprecedented challenges associated with the  COVID-19 pandemic,  our purpose is more important than ever: “Build  Digital Highways that connect people, improve lives and  support our communities”

Today our responsibility is greater than ever. Our customers and communities - whether they are first responders, teachers, students, families, hospitals, businesses, government agencies or society-at-large - rely on us, now more than ever to keep them connected.  And we will be there to support them throughout this crisis.

Our communities also depend on us to keep them informed and digitally connected. We have made and will continue to make, our technology and capabilities available to our governments to support them in their efforts to keep the public informed and the virus contained.  Our engineers are working around the clock to ensure that our networks remain resilient and services can continue uninterrupted.

Above all, we need to ensure that all our employees are safe and stay healthy while working to keep us all connected and we are taking all measures possible to do so by providing them with the necessary tools to protect themselves.  

As social distancing is separating us physically, TIGO brings us together digitally. In this time of uncertainty, you can count on us to stay always connected!

That’s what our Sangre Tigo stands for.


If you want to learn more about what each one of our TIGO teams is doing in our markets, go to each TIGO website.