Corporate Responsibility in our Business Purpose

Responsible Leadership in Action Connecting Communities Protecting Children Empowering Women Environment Supply Chain Human Rights Inclusion Ethics CR Fundamentals Purpose: Build Digital Highways that connect people, improve lives and develop communities
Connecting Communities

Millicom helps communities prosper by building digital highways, by providing communities with digital education and equipping them with access to technology.

Protecting Children

We have great potential to help children safely explore, learn and grow through digital tools and we take concrete steps to educate children, parents, teachers and caregivers on the risks and opportunities of digital technology.

Empowering Women

Millicom trains women and girls on digital literacy and entrepreneurship to make the opportunities associated with the digital world accessible to them.


We work across our organization to ensure that we use the natural resources and systems we depend on wisely, through fit-for-purpose policies and practices, and minimize any negative impacts.

Supply Chain

We seek to do business with suppliers that have strong environmental and human rights standards and practices, and encourage the exchange of best practices and mutual learning.

Human Rights

We respect human rights, as defined in the UN Guiding Principles for Business and Human Rights, the International Bill of Human Rights and Children’s Rights and Business Principles. We are committed to respecting and safeguarding every person’s right to freedom of expression and privacy.


We seek to build inclusive workplaces and communities through initiatives that foster an equal opportunity culture and the ability to fulfill one´s potential.


Millicom’s success is built on a culture of ethics and integrity. This means we handle our everyday interactions with high ethics and integrity and zero tolerance for any form of corruption. We want our people to feel free to voice their concerns without any fear of retaliation and with confidence that their concerns will be taken seriously.

CR Fundamentals

CR Fundamentals are core to our purpose, our culture and our relationships. They guide us on how to conduct our business in the right way and are integrated into Millicom’s business, strategy and functions.


Our CR purpose is our business purpose. All our CR focus areas stem from it.

Responsible Leadership in Action

Responsible Leadership in Action comprises our flagship programs which are aimed at empowering people and promoting social good. These are the areas where we believe we can make a distinctive impact. Our programs help children, women and communities thrive and participate in digital economies and societies.

"We Build Digital Highways that connect people, improve lives and develop communities."


Building digital highways is fundamental to the socio-economic progress of the countries where we operate. It also fuels the ambitious strategy and goals that we have set for corporate responsibility (CR).

In 2018, after conducting a comprehensive materiality assessment with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), we developed and unveiled this updated Corporate Responsibility framework (see infographic below). We took stock of the work done and we have taken our approach to corporate responsibility to a new level. Across the organization, we have stepped up cross-functional collaboration and, for our stakeholders, we have adopted a straightforward model that demonstrates our core areas of performance.     

With Millicom and Tigo's purpose at its center, our updated framework defines our commitments to conduct our core business in a responsible way, to drive digital connectivity and become agents of positive change in our markets.

Our Corporate Responsibility Framework incorporates two core elements, each with their respective five-year goals:


When our communities prosper, we prosper