Responsible Leadership in Action comprises our flagship programs which are aimed at empowering people and promoting social good. These are the areas where we believe we can make a distinctive impact. Our programs help children, women and communities thrive and participate in digital economies and societies.
Empowering Women

Millicom trains women and girls on digital literacy and entrepreneurship to make the opportunities associated with digital world accessible to them.

High-Level Goals How we will achieve them
  • Conduct assessments in Latam markets on socio-economic conditions and technological capabilities of women and girls who are the beneficiaries of our programs to measure benefits achieved through trainings.
  • All operations will conduct assessments focused on socio-economic conditions and technological capabilities of women and girls by 2023
  • Continue our programs to reduce the gender gap in the use of mobile technology.
  • Close the digital gap in our Latam operations by 2020 in line with the acquired commitments through GSMA´s Connected Women initiative.
  • Implement regional strategy to advance digital literacy with educational programs on basic and advanced digital knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.
  • 400,000 women trained through our digital inclusion program by 2023.


Protecting Children

We have great potential to help children safely explore, learn and grow through digital tools and we take concrete steps to educate children, parents, teachers and caregivers on the risks and opportunities of digital technology.

High-Level Goals How we will achieve them
  • Continue our Child Online Protection (COP) education program to reach more children, adolescents, parents, teachers and caregivers.
  • By 2023, reach through our COP programs:
    70,000 teachers,
    200,000 parents and caregivers,
    700,000 children and adolescents. 
  • Expand COP training program for our employee volunteer program by creating online training platform in all our operations.
  • Online training platform live in all our operations by 2020.
  • By 2023 reach 120,000 volunteering hours from COP related programs.
  • Conduct research programs in each market on the use of technology by children and adolescents to tailor content and adapt Child Online Protection training based on results and insights.
  • All countries complete research on use of technology by children and adolescents by Q4 2020.
  • All countries implement action plans based on results of the research by 2020.
  • Continue our efforts in preventing access to online Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) through our networks by continuous implementation of blocking mechanisms, region-wide, and advancing industry initiatives.
  • All operations implement CSAM blocking mechanism by 2020.


Connecting Communities

Millicom helps communities prosper by building digital highways, by providing communities with digital education and equipping them with access to technology.

High-Level Goals How we will achieve them
  • Measure impacts of connectivity in communities targeted by our programs to assess improvements in socio-economic conditions of beneficiaries, and optimize program content and resource allocation.
  •  Design and roll out to operations a regional impact measurement methodology by 2020.
  • All countries implement an impact measurement methodology related to connectivity and digital inclusion by 2022.
  • Continue bringing internet connections to schools and public institutions in vulnerable communities throughout Latin America through collaborative partnerships with local government and NGOs.
  • Provide internet to 1300 schools and public institutions by 2023 reaching our set commitment with the OAS ICT Alliance.
  • Provide with digital platforms and empowerment programs through the use of technology to 1000 public institutions and community development institutions by 2023.