We promote the personal, professional and economic development of our communities. We do this by focusing on three areas:

  • Digital ownership
  • Promote digital appropriation in communities for the implementation and use of ICT.
  • Online protection

We have a vast trajectory developing actions for the protection of children's rights and promoting strategies based on proactive mediation based on protection, preparation, deference and proactivity in digital environments for online participation and approach to opportunities

Our programs also provide tools for employment in the digital economy, aimed at key demographic sectors, such as women, children and teachers.

Conéctate Segur@

Being online is an essential part in children’s and adolescents´ development, as it is key for accessing and potentiating their education as well as exercising their rights in society. We support the understanding of these benefits providing trainings and education on the responsible and productive use of the internet, promoting the formation of responsible digital citizens


Only about 40% of Bolivian households have internet access, preventing many Bolivian students, teachers and families from acquiring the digital skills to participate in modern society.

In 2021 we launched EducaTigo, the country’s first TV channel with full-time educational content. EducaTigo airs curated content focused on digital skills building, responsible internet use, cybersecurity and other digital education topics. The channel airs 24 hours a day on the Tigo Home cable network.


We work to close the digital gender gap through the training of women on the use of connectivity for their personal development, access to education, and using digital tools for entrepreneurship. Launched in 2017, our Conectadas program provides digital literacy and entrepreneurship training to women and adolescent girls in Latin America, creating a springboard for social and economic opportunity.

To date, more than 516 thousand women and girls have been trained through Conectadas.

Helping Women Entrepreneurs in our value chain:

In 2020, we deepened the program’s focus on entrepreneurship by providing personalized technical assistance to female Tigo Money sales agents in El Salvador. Inspired by the success of the pilot, we took Conectadas to the next level in 2021, sowing the seeds for women’s empowerment throughout the country.

Approximately 400 Salvadoran women from the Tigo value chain received entrepreneurship training this year, among them Tigo Money agents and owners of points of sale and activation from more than 60 municipalities. Roughly 700 Salvadoran microentrepreneurs and 5,000 Tigo clients also participated and many Tigo Money users.

New allies and partners helped drive the expansion, including the Economic Competitiveness Project of the United States Agency for Development (USAID), the Business Foundation for Social Action (FUNDEMAS), Banco Agricola, Fedecrédito, La Constancia, Belcorp, Vogue, UN Women, and local media.

Stay tuned for the launch of our Conectadas app!

Connectivity and Fútbol Come Together with Real Madrid Partnership

Fútbol is life for many Latin American children and, in Millicom, we seized the opportunity to partner with Fundación real Madrid and leverage children’s love of fútbol to promote online safety and digital literacy?

In September 2021, Millicom and Fundación Real Madrid joined forces to support 69 social sports projects in our nine Latin American markets and the United States.

Through these joint programs, more than 11,200 boys, girls, and family members served by the Fundación Kids will be trained on the responsible and productive use of the internet over the 5-year duration of the partnership. They will learn how to use digital tools and prevent cyberbullying, and gain access to activities designed to empower women and young people to succeed in the digital economy.