Respect for all people is core to our Sangre Tigo culture.

We recognize that the strength of our company flows from creating an inclusive environment that attracts talented professionals with a broad array of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. When every employee feels empowered to contribute authentically, the resulting innovation helps ensure that our business, products and services reflect the full spectrum of interests in our markets.

  • Over 12K employees trained in DE&I in 2021
  • 39% women in managerial positions
  • 41% women in employee base
Our 2030 DE&I targets:
  • 50% of women at all levels of the organization
  • 50% gender balance in upper management positions globally
  • Train 100% of employees annually on DE&I
  • Work only with strategic suppliers with DE&I policies & training in place

Learn more about our commitment with DE&I here